Secrets in Insurance Sale (SIIS)


Before the doctor performs the operation on the patient, he will definitely check the operation manual to ensure that all procedures such as instruments, scalpels, and staff are ready for the operation. In addition, the doctor will also conduct a pre-surgical briefing with the participating operating room medical staff to explain all the details of the operation, including possible risks and coping strategies. After that, the doctor will explain the details of the operation and the probability of success to the patient and his family. After a series of preparations, the operation officially began and was successfully completed.

Similarly, we all have experience in flying. Usually before the aircraft takes off, the relevant airport technical personnel will ensure that the various mechanical parts of the aircraft are in normal condition. After that, the airport technical personnel will report the condition of the aircraft to the captain and seek the captain’s approval to let the aircraft take off. After reviewing the airport safety manual and ensuring that every security check is passed, the captain will sign the form to allow the aircraft to take off, so that the aircraft can take off safely and reach its destination smoothly.

We all attach great importance to the safety of surgery or aircraft, because it is related to our life and death. We don’t care very much about the accuracy of achieving our life goals, because it will not affect or threaten our lives. Therefore, we should try it with the mentality of trying. If it is not successful, we will try another method, which will lead to nothing in the end, complain to others, blame ourselves, and live a very difficult life.

When we have all the conditions to succeed, success is inevitable. It’s like we all know the existence of water, eggs, starch and sugar, but if we have no experience in making cakes or have no reference to cake recipes, we may not be able to use these materials to make a delicate and beautiful cake.

The “Secrets In Insurance Sales” programme is a sequential extension of the law of success. From knowing yourself to success mindset, understand insurance industry, master sales cycle in insurance to key success factors. As long as you persevere, success will be at the corner and you will become a successful life insurance entrepreneur.


The main objective of this programme is to provide participants a specific and sequential knowledge on how to do insurance sales right from the beginning they join life insurance business so that they could prepare themselves with the necessary knowledge, skills, habits and attitude in doing insurance sales and achieve their business income goals.


Through this programme, participants would understand clearly the steps to take to succeed in closing sales in insurance business, what are the basis knowledge, skills and habits related to insurance sales that they should master right from beginning. On top of that, participants will be given a clear signal on what are their gaps in term of knowledge, mindset, skills set and tool set, so that they could pre-equipped themselves to minimize hiccups when doing insurance sales.


Chapter 1 : Understand Me More
Chapter 2 : 13 Immediate Actions for survival
Chapter 3 : 7 Essential Insurance Sales Mindset
Chapter 4 : About Insurance
Chapter 5 : Top 12 benefits as Life Insurance Practitioners
Chapter 6 : R & D on Insurance
Chapter 7 : 6 mental faculties in insurance sales
Chapter 8 : 11 Essential skills and habits in Insurance sales
Chapter 9 : Building Insurance Business Model
Chapter 10 : Mastering 9 Insurance Sales Cycle
Chapter 11 : The Essence of Insurance
Chapter 12 : 7 Critical Success Factors


1. Life insurance agents
2. Potential life insurance agents
3. Agency leaders
4. Life insurance company staff
5. Agency staff


7 days, 9.00am-5.00pm


1. Lectures
2. Peers Sharing Sessions
3. Case Studies
4. Assignments
5. Peers Discussions




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