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Richmind Consulting and Mentoring Sdn. Bhd. provides a series of consulting and mentoring services to both individual and company to solve their wide-range of strategic issues that impact their capital choices and investment in manpower, assets, operational cost, and environmental and societal exposure.

Through consulting process, we provide solid and effective action plan and strategies to client to implement in order to achieve the pre-determined business objectives. We are here to help you to respond to the rapid change of global and local business conditions. We will share with clients real world experience to ensure client’s business is ready for the future.

Mentoring is defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) supports and encourages people to develop specific skills and knowledge that will maximise their potential and improve their performance in the business that they would like to venture into.

Why we need Consulting and Mentoring?
Consulting and mentoring programme would benefit its participant as it would enable the participant to cut short the learning process to become a successful person in their chosen filed.

On top of that, mentor will provide necessary information to the participants to further ascertain what they would like to do is a feasible and bring benefits to the community as a whole. Continuous guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling will be given to participants to ensure they have confidents to move forward to bring success in their endeavors.

Companies as a whole will be benefited from consulting and mentoring programme as the programme would contribute to the development of a better-trained and engaged workforce. Mentors help mentees learn the roles at a company, develop relationships across the organization, and identify skills that should be developed or improved upon.


The programme provides a step-by-step guidance to participants to find out the necessary information and critical success factors needed to excel in their business. Through the guided processes, participants would be able to save time, stress, efforts, energy and money.

Expected Outcome

Through this programme, participants would understand clearly the critical success factors that contribute to their success in their business.


1. Existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) owners
2. New business owners
3. Insurance, Unit-Trust and Property agents & leaders
4. Multi-level Marketing personnel
5. Those wanted to start a business


• Personal Profiling
• Self-Mastery Analysis
• Market Research
• Financial Studies
• Technical Analysis
• Advertising and Promotion Strategies
• Contingency Planning


Minimum 1 year-3 years


Please refer to Richmind Consultant

I am Interested


Before i joined Mr. Chi class, i have set my goals for this year which is MDRT. And everyone knew that 2020 was a years full of challenges due to Covid-19 pandemic, so if you asked me whether am i nervous or scared or not, my answer is yes of course because honestly this is my first time in my life to face this world pandemic.

Before the pandemic, my timetable is full of activities like company incentive travel, work trip and the lists of customers i want to meet. After the pandemic, my activities suddenly got all cancelled and i was like how am i going to handle this? But i tell myself everything happen for a reason, with this i learned more about information technology in deep like using Zoom for agency meeting, doing presentation with client and online class. Thanks to the pandemic, i learned more about IT platform and because of this I joined Mr. Chi online class as well.

My turning point started here with Mr Chi class when i shared with him that I want to become a MDRT this year even with the pandemic and i asked him how. He shared with me that as human beings we must use our advantages that God gave us which is 6 mental faculties(六大智慧),conscious mind, subconscious mind, feeling, action and result. Firstly, we must have a proper and positive affirmation for ourselves that we can read everyday so that the positivity will manifest. Good attracts good. So i read all the positive affirmation everyday and remind myself.

(I am so happy and grateful now that I have made my decision to join life insurance business so that I could attract the goods that I desired into my life by raising to its frequencies)

Besides that, we need to use our 5 senses (五官) to help us in achieving our life goal. For eyes, i had printed out the MDRT logo at my dream board and stick at my room and office so that i can see everyday. And also visited MDRT website to read the latest information and MDRT related articles. For listening, i always listen to MDRT clips and disc in the car while i am driving to work. And for talking, i used the words of affirmation to tell myself that i am grateful that I have achieved my MDRT. Most importantly is the feeling, we must feel like we are already a MDRT before we actually achieve it, that is the power of believing.

Likewise, i always said begin with the end in mind, means believing you are already at your final goal at the beginning. Have the courage to dream and believe that you can do it, the willingness to achieve has to be greater than your fear. Find out your big why, if your why is big enough, you will finds ways to do it and you can overcome the challenges in between.

Mr. Chi’s guidance really helped me a lot not only in works but also in my daily life like how i cope with family, friends and others. I can switch my mindset fast to a positive one regardless of how bad the situation is. Because what happen around us is not important, how we react to it is the key, is either we get something or we learn something, life is always worth the take.

Let’s join the mentoring program together 💪

Charis Chan, Kuching

Mr. Chi’s mentoring has definitely been inspiring and has given me a very different perspective of my overall life. Motivating me to want to excel, not only in 1 area of my life but in all 7 areas of my life. 21 years in the Insurance Industry and countless of Motivational Talks & Trainings, but none compared to this life changing Mentoring from Mr. Chi.

Yvonne Jabeng, Kuching


Michelle Yeo, 古晋


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