Aku Belia Cemerlang




Youth is our leaders in the years to come. They are the one who will lead our nation to next level of advancement and development. Hence, it is very important for us to ensure our youth today are equip with the necessary knowledge, skills and mindsets to well prepare themselves to govern our country later.

According to many reports, surveys and statistics, many youth today are not well taught of what they should do today in order to prepare them for their bright future, they seldom being guide on how to plan for their studies, their choice of career, how to set up businesses, how to be a successful entrepreneur, how to solve problem, how to make a sound decision, how to think, how to manage their emotion, fear, worry or doubt, how to overcome stress and depression or how to lend their helping hand to the needy in the society. Sad to say many of them spend most of their times playing games, watching TV or movies, loitering around, mixed with wrong group of people and involved in social and criminal offences.

Hence, Aku Belia Cemerlang programme has been designed to address the various needs of our youth today, from understanding how their minds work, how to have positive mindset, how to have good attitude to how to set their goals and manifest it.

We believed through this programme, our youth today would be able to understand clearly the secrets of living an abundant and successful life, full of passion towards their future and able to control their destiny where they know how to face and manage whatever challenges lie ahead of them.


1. To instill positive mindset amongst youth
2. To know the reasons why we cannot achieve our goals
3. To acquire basis knowledge on how to set goals
4. To find out the secrets to achieve our goals
5. To learn how to improve our competency to perform better and stay positive
6. To know the science of getting what we want in life
7. To learn the basic principles of an abundant life


Aman, Bersih, Capai


1.0 General mindset of our youth today
• What is mindset?
• Consequences of having negative mindset
• The benefits of having positive mindset

2.0 The Power of Mind
• The charateristic of our mind
• How to apply richmind techniques
• Benefits of having richmind

3.0 Organised Thinking Pattern
• Components in organized thinking pattern (OTP)
• How to apply OTP?
• Why we should apply OTP daily?

4.0 Know self, know others
• What is our dreams and goals in life?
• What are the influences we received from family member that affected our self belief?
• How to maximise our strengths to achieve our dreams and goals?


This is a highly interactive experiential learning programme, where participants are to learn through actual doing and experience. Key learning points of effective team performance are to be delivered through in/ out-door practical activities.
1. Primary 4-6 students
2. Secondary School Students
3. College & University Students
4. College & University Graduates
5. Unemployed youth
6. Young Working Adutls


30 to 40 pax


1 day, 9.00am-5.00pm


The actual date, time and venue of the workshop will be decided after discussion with all parties to ensure date/s chosen is/are free from all other commitments or obligations.


Please refer to Richmind Consultant