Mr. Chi Poh Yung has been appointed as Advisory Board Member of Modern Group of Institution, Indore, India in 2021.

In 2021, Mr. Chi has won another prestigious award-Top 100 Malaysia Most Influential Newcomer by Korea Chinese Cultural Exchange.

Sarawak Emerging Startup Entrepreneur Award

Mr. Chi Poh Yung has won the Sarawak Emerging Startup Entrepreneur award in Sarawak Startup Entrepreneur Competition 2020 hosted by Startup Entrepreneur Association Sarawak, Sarawak Multimedia Agency and Sarawak Digital Economic Corporation (SDEC).

Successful People in Malaysia

Mr. Chi Poh Yung has been selected by British Publishing House Ltd London / Britishpedia Media as one of the Britishpedia Personality to be featured in its 3rd Edition Exclusive Encyclopedia of “Successful People in Malaysia”.

Entrepreneur Mentor by EDII, India

Mr. Chi Poh Yung was one of the 20 HRDF Certified Trainers in Malaysia sent by Human Resource Development Fund to Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabab, Gujarat from 29.3.2018 to 22.4.2018 to be trained and certified as Entrepreneur Mentor by EDII, India.

ASEAN IN AWARD 2018-Aspiring Educator Award

Mr. Chi Poh Yung has been awarded with “ASEAN IN AWARD 2018-Aspiring Educator Award” by Malaysia Global Chamber of Commerce on 9.11.2018.