Life Insurance Agents Success Manual




Life insurance industry is one of the most important industries in Malaysia as it provides Malaysian financial freedom and peace of mind in case of their family bread winner unable to continue to support their family due to unexpected circumstances such as accident, illness or succeed death.
Currently, there are 14 life insurance companies in Malaysia with nearly 77,736 agents (2017), and it is estimated that every year, there are 8,000 to 9,000 people registered themselves to be an insurance agent, be it part time or full time.

Besides individual agents, Malaysia commercial banks also selling life insurance policies through their bancassurance channels. It is in line with the government’s vision of having minimum 75% of Malaysian are covered by 2030.

Hence, it is important that every new agents joining this industry are fully aware of this industry in term of products features, claimable clause, investment return and so on so that they could provide excellent customer service to their potential policyholders.


The average attrition rate of Malaysian life insurance agents in the first three years is estimated at 65%-70%. That mean, out of 10 new agents joined each year, there will be around 6 to 7 agents will leave this industry within the first 3 years, due to many reasons such as unable to generate sufficient income to support their family, unable to cope with business stress and pressures, lack of commitment, conflict with peers and lack of customers’ base.

All these happened is due to the fact that one does not have a proper, systematic and effective programme for them to get understand the industry, business model canvas and potential challenges lie ahead of them before they officially embark on the journey, so that they could prepare themselves mentally, emotionally, financially, psychologically and spiritually.

With that in mind, Life Insurance Agents Success Manual was designed aimed at reducing the attrition rate of this industry so that life insurance companies could maximize their investment return and yield benefits from their recruitment campaigns.

This success manual also provides potential and upcoming life insurance agents a comprehensive and total understanding of life insurance industry. It has 14 chapters and among topics covered are self-mastery analysis, research and development of life insurance industry, business model canvas, critical success habits, agency building, insurepreneurial skills and ultimate goals of a life insurance agent.


The main objective of this success manual is to provide participants a general knowledge about life insurance industry so that they could prepare themselves with the necessary knowledge, skills, habits and attitude in managing the business later.


Through this programme, participants would understand clearly the overall climate of life insurance industry, what are the basis knowledge, skills and habits they should have in order to succeed in this industry. On top of that, participants will be given a clear signal on what are their gaps in term of knowledge, mindset, skills set and tool set, so that they could pre-equipped themselves to minimize hiccups when officially embark on this journey.


1. Why life insurance business?
2. Are you making the right decision?
3. Self-Mastery Analysis
4. Business partners
5. Critical Success habits
6. Business model canvas
7. 1st three years as agent
8. Overcome success terror barriers
9. Agency Building
10. Meetings & Activities
11. From ordinary to extraordinary
12. The ethics of life insurance business
13. Essential entrepreneurship skills
14. Ultimate goals as life insurance agent


1. Life insurance agents
2. Potential life insurance agents
3. Policy holders
4. Agency leaders
5. Life insurance company staff
6. Agency Clerk


4 days, 9.00am-5.00pm


1. Lectures
2. Peers Sharing Sessions
3. Case Studies
4. Assignments
5. Peers Discussions




Please refer to Richmind Consulting and Mentoring Sdn. Bhd.

I am Interested


I am satisfied with the training given by Master Chi Poh Yung. In terms of insurance knowledges, this is one of the best learning experience i had. The classes are very interesting and Mr Chi always ensure that there’s interaction among classmates and what so called ‘give and take’. Provisions provided for practicing, listening and exercises are very good and helpful. Overall i am very happy and I would like to recommend others to join for this Richmind class. Thousands of thanks to Master Chi for your guidance throughout our one year session. – Tan Ai Ling, Penang

徐老师,对我印象最深刻的口语“你成为你所想“及每天对自己肯定,与自己沟通成为我完成MDRT路上的积极与动力。感恩徐老师。Chieng Su Siong, Sibu

徐老师,感恩您的训勉,让我的信念加倍,站稳脚步,步步攀上另一个高峰。感谢您让我明白,成功掌握在自己手中。谢谢你。Hu Sing Hui, Sibu

徐老师,疫情期间我看的第一本书就是你写的“使命至富“让我领悟到改变思维,相信自己可以做到所设定的目标,让以终为始的信念帮助我们迈向成功。我终于做到MDRT了!相信你的书可以帮助更多人。谢谢你。Tiong Nyuk Mee, Sibu

徐老师,你的出现就是我生命的转机!你教导了我学习感恩,分享,强大信念,你成为你所想!当我定目标时,你告诉我必须是“一定”而不是“希望”。所以每年抱着“强大的信念”定下目标,我一定“要完成的目标!我做到MDRT了!感恩有你,徐老师!Agnes Wong Su Su, Sarikei

I was quite reluctant to attend Mr. Chi’s Life Insurance Agents Success Manual class at first. With pandemic going on during 2020 and worried about my sales, adding a learning session in Q4 was not what I had in mind. After prayer and meditation, I decided to commit and accept whatever happens during the class 3rd week onwards.As I followed all Mr. Chi teaching and advice, I noticed something different in me after the 4th week. I started to close more cases, I received more than 30 new names (usually in a year I got 5), and my relationship with myself and my clients slowly improved. I started to manage my time accordingly and I am calmer.

What I did was say the affirmations daily, do my homework, take my time to meditate and follow through all the exercises with an open heart and mind.

I notice a simplified version of NLP was also in his teaching especially mind conditioning in the Identity and Limiting Belief technique to believe I can do more and beyond as a Spirit in the “I am a SPIRIT ” affirmation. And the “I approve of myself to achieve my goals” helps a lot to soften my stubborn subconscious.

I achieved more than my targeted cases last year, closed my first single premium case, affirmed and accepted my identity as a Life Insurance Entrepreneur, attracted a few potential business partners, managed my time better and calmer in just about a few weeks after I committed to Mr. Chi class.

I am now in Chapter 5 in his lesson and I am looking forward to more improvement throughout this 2021. I am very grateful and thankful for my leader for giving me this opportunity and Mr. Chi’s teaching. Attending Mr. Chi’s class was the best and right decision I have made in 2020.

Sonia Evonne Anak Duncan

感恩有你,我们的人生导师Mr Chi! 谢谢你

Ting Mee Hung, Sibu

Before i joined Mr. Chi class, i have set my goals for this year which is MDRT. And everyone knew that 2020 was a years full of challenges due to Covid-19 pandemic, so if you asked me whether am i nervous or scared or not, my answer is yes of course because honestly this is my first time in my life to face this world pandemic.Before the pandemic, my timetable is full of activities like company incentive travel, work trip and the lists of customers i want to meet. After the pandemic, my activities suddenly got all cancelled and i was like how am i going to handle this? But i tell myself everything happen for a reason, with this i learned more about information technology in deep like using Zoom for agency meeting, doing presentation with client and online class. Thanks to the pandemic, i learned more about IT platform and because of this I joined Mr. Chi online class as well.

My turning point started here with Mr Chi class when i shared with him that I want to become a MDRT this year even with the pandemic and i asked him how. He shared with me that as human beings we must use our advantages that God gave us which is 6 mental faculties(六大智慧),conscious mind, subconscious mind, feeling, action and result. Firstly, we must have a proper and positive affirmation for ourselves that we can read everyday so that the positivity will manifest. Good attracts good. So i read all the positive affirmation everyday and remind myself.

(I am so happy and grateful now that I have made my decision to join life insurance business so that I could attract the goods that I desired into my life by raising to its frequencies)

Besides that, we need to use our 5 senses (五官) to help us in achieving our life goal. For eyes, i had printed out the MDRT logo at my dream board and stick at my room and office so that i can see everyday. And also visited MDRT website to read the latest information and MDRT related articles. For listening, i always listen to MDRT clips and disc in the car while i am driving to work. And for talking, i used the words of affirmation to tell myself that i am grateful that I have achieved my MDRT. Most importantly is the feeling, we must feel like we are already a MDRT before we actually achieve it, that is the power of believing.

Likewise, i always said begin with the end in mind, means believing you are already at your final goal at the beginning. Have the courage to dream and believe that you can do it, the willingness to achieve has to be greater than your fear. Find out your big why, if your why is big enough, you will finds ways to do it and you can overcome the challenges in between.

Mr. Chi’s guidance really helped me a lot not only in works but also in my daily life like how i cope with family, friends and others. I can switch my mindset fast to a positive one regardless of how bad the situation is. Because what happen around us is not important, how we react to it is the key, is either we get something or we learn something, life is always worth the take.

Let’s join the mentoring program together 💪

Charis Chan, Kuching

Dear Mr Chi, 感恩有你。在年头的时候,你问我你要怎么知道你达成MDRT? 我说,当看到系统里面出现那个号码的时候啊。你就叫我要影印出来。我就每天按进系统,想象那个号码出现!真的每一天都有看哦。就这样一步一步,慢慢的到达了。谢谢你,Mr Chi! 🌻🌻

Florence Wong, Sibu

Mr. Chi’s mentoring has definitely been inspiring and has given me a very different perspective of my overall life. Motivating me to want to excel, not only in 1 area of my life but in all 7 areas of my life. 21 years in the Insurance Industry and countless of Motivational Talks & Trainings, but none compared to this life changing Mentoring from Mr. Chi.

Yvonne Jabeng, Kuching

我是宝珍。今天我感到非常开心和感恩因为通过我的温老板让我认识到了徐老师。徐老师的课程真的改变了我很多。 尤其是在思维和心灵上的自己。 每一堂课都让我颇有收获。他教导我如何做人做事,如何变得自律,如何成为一个企业家。 我在这短短几个月的课程里,学习到了原来人是可以给自己的大脑下达指令的。我们是可以和宇宙沟通,利用宇宙的吸引力让自己变得更好的。我学习成为自己的“思维守门员”。 我学会了在负面情绪出现时喊停。现在的我慢慢学习着用另一个正面角度去看人事物。 我了解到什么是“以终为始”。每一次听完徐老师的课后就会觉得自己又有了力量。我坚信正面思维和宇宙法则,有一天一定可以带我找到我的方向。 谢谢你徐老师。

Teo Poh Tiang, Johor Baharu


Celine Foo, Johor Baharu





拼搏是我一向来的性格,只要能让我有很大的信心,博一把,就算输我都不想留下任何遗憾,大不了失败重新来过,所以接下去的日子,我每天都抱着 感恩的心态,正面的思维来从事这份行业,因为这行业主要 就是帮助所有社会人民和给予所有人对你的信任,这样你就在这份行业走得轻松又快乐🤣而且朋友还会越来越多,人面也越来越广大👍🏻再这里真的非常感恩所有帮助我的人🙏🏻我要感恩的人太多了,写不完🤣。

Eric Lee, 诗巫

I was first introduced to Richmind method when I attended a private class with Mr Chi in March 2019. It was a real eye-opener session where I learned about affirmations, how powerful our mind is & how it can tremendously change our lives. Since then, I applied what I learned in my daily life. I affirm in front of the mirror, when driving & even when I exercise!

But not until I joined Prudential as an agent in June 2019 that I really practise what I learn from Mr Chi as my agency, EMN Group, works closely with him for personal coaching & training. One of the best things I learn from Mr Chi in April this year during the MCO is to write a ‘karangan’, read it out & record it so I can listen to it every day. So I wrote my 4-page long ‘karangan’ with full & exact details of what I want to achieve based on the ‘Whole Person’ concept. It covers Relationship, Health, Education, Career, Service, Financial & Spiritual. I have listened to the recording almost every single day since April & I’ve experienced so many wonderful & unexpected things since then.

All the affirmations I say in my ‘karangan’ come alive one by one. I see changes not only in myself but also my parents, siblings & boyfriend whom I also mention in my daily affirmations. Collectively, we are all calmer, more kind and compassionate towards one another. In a way, it has helped us to lead a stress-free and peaceful life which is very important for our state of mind.

I see amazing changes in my insurance job – surprisingly, people come to me through referrals without me even looking for prospects. I close cases every single month until today and I have also reached my High Fringe Bonus target this year! Last month in October, I secured my first RM10,000 unit trust investment! This is the exact amount I say in my affirmation that I listen to every day and it finally materialised. It was a pleasantly shocking moment for me.

Richmind teaching is indeed life changing. It’s so easy to follow, it’s highly proven and it’s the best! I recommend everyone who wants to make a difference in their lives to explore it.

Marcella G., Kuching

I’m thankful for being able to complete 14 sessions of Life Insurance Agents Success Manual when MCO started this year. This whole journey in completing this course has been very fruitful not only for myself, but as well my agency as a whole. After being 10yrs in the Life Insurance Industry, I have attended many trainings, motivation sessions & professional training to increase competency. Above all, I must say this Life Insurance Agents Success Manual training by Richmind is a must-attend session for anyone who seriously choosing the Life Insurance industry as a career.

The training covers everything an agent needs to have (right mindset), know and equipped, as they are required to work professionally & effectively under a multiple-demand environment most of the time, from various parties such as agency, company, country financial regulations, business partners, family members & society. On top of that, this training will surely help a leader knowing how to build their agency with solid foundation better, with higher retention rate. – Andrea

I have 8 years of trial and error of wanting to build a successful agency with the right minded people. After almost completing the Life Insurance Agents Success Manual by Richmind Coach together with my 3 newly joined associates, I strongly recommend those who wanted to join Life Insurance industry, those who think that this industry is not for them or those who still thinking if this industry suits them should enrol themselves.

Why I said so, initially 4 persons registered for the class and eventually one of them self-withdrawn from the session, which meant this training served as one of the auto selection tools for the right minded people to join. All I can say is that this session really helps the prospect agents and newly joined agents to understand the career prospects of this industry, professionalism and the ethics.
As for me as an agency leader, this success manual helps me in sharpening my recruitment skills especially on the first few selections stage by asking the right questions to the prospect agents. The content of each module are well structured and well explained by the person who has more than 20 years of supervising, interviewing and communicating with many successful Insurepreneurs in Malaysia.

Lastly, attending together with my newly joined agents makes us understand each other better and make my follow up follow through session with them becoming more effective.

Ann Jasmine-

Saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada En Chi Poh Yung yang menyediakan platfom RICHMIND ini bagi mengajar dan memimpin agen-agen insuran yang baru menceburi industri tersebut.

Melalui program LIASM (Life Insurance Agents Success Manual) tersebut, saya boleh belajar bagaimana menjadi seorang agen insuran yang dipercayai, bertanggungjawab, berkharisma, berintegriti dan semua ciri-ciri seharusnya dimiliki oleh seorang agen insuran.

Sebelum menggambil keputusan untuk menjadi agen insuran, saya bekerja dalam sektor O&G (onshore) dan tidak mempunyai pengetahuan berkaitan insuran. Melalui program LISM tersebut saya dapat belajar banyak hal serta informasi mengenai industri insuran tersebut.

LIASM mempunyai 14 bab secara keseluruhan di mana setiap bab akan menerangkan bagaimana menjadi agen yang berjaya dan mengekalkan prestasi sebagai agen insuran yang berkharisma. Saya pecaya ramai yang beranggapan bahwa menjadi seorang agen insuran sangat mudah, hanya jual produk insuran kepada sesiapa saja sudah memadai. Namun menjadi agen insuran bukan sekadar menjual produk kepada sesiapa saja secara rawak semata-mata. Ianya memerlukan seorang individu yang benar-benar menjiwai tugas dan bertanggungjawab sebagai seorang agen.

Mempelajari ilmu yang bermanfaat serta membuka minda tidak dapat dibandingkan dengan wang ringgit yang harus dibayar, walauapapun bidang yang kita ingin ceburi, pasti ada harga yang harus dibayar. Ingat wang boleh habis, tapi ilmu akan berkekalan.

Bagi anda yang ingin menjadi agen insuran dan tidak tahu bagaimana cara yang sesuai, saya galakan anda untuk menyertai progrsm LIASM yang disediakan melalui RICHMIND platfom yang dijalankan oleh En Chi Poh Yung.

Terima kasih.
Henry Bala Ferry


这个课程让我领悟到非常多!也让一个懵懵懂懂的保险代理员(也可以说是行尸走肉)的我慢慢蜕变成保险企业家☺️了解到行业美好的前景🙏🏻 也在自我检测中了解到自我价值观和行业的价值。👍🏻



I am a new comer into the Life Insurance industry, with no background at all, and I only thought that this industry is only about marketing & selling.I was having low confidence in the beginning and always wonder what is my future in this industry, as it is one of the toughest industry to be in, what more to stay longer.

However, I am very grateful to my business mentor Ann, for introducing this Life Insurance Success Manual to me. With coaching & guidance from Mr Chi, I can now understand the purpose of me being in the industry.

It is not only about selling, but it’s a noble job that we’re in and the values that we are bringing in.

Being an Insurepreneur is definitely a rewarding and purposeful career, and it will allow me to be a blessing to others as well.

I can now see the clear path of me having a successful career in the industry.

Thank you so much Mr Chi for your coaching & guidance, I am so grateful that I have attended your classes.

Phoebe Francis