Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Partner

Wishesland is a non-profit organisation founded on 2nd April 2009 and registered with Registrar of Society by a group of parents and volunteers with their passionate heart of cares and loves towards giving hopes to other Cerebral Palsy’s families. Currently we have 4 full time physiotherapists and 1 gardener. As at 31.12.2018, we have a total of 113 members of which 49 are cerebral palsy children.

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder of movements and postures due to damage or failure to develop normally in a small part of the brain controlling these activities. Cerebral Palsy takes many forms. Some are so lightly affected that they have no obvious disability. Others may be clumsy in their gait, or they may have difficulty with their hands or with muscles involved in speech. Some are even unable to stand, sit and thus can do little for themselves.

Wishesland Kuching

 Jalan Crookshank, Kuching, Malaysia